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Spirit baby communication – connecting to your future baby and baby in spirit | The School of Healing

Virtual event
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20 April 2022
20:00 - 21:15

I believe by changing the way we view and approach conception, loss and birth; the world changes as old patterns, past hurts and wounds are cleared and no longer carried forward.

Introduction to spirit baby communication. What is spirit baby communication? Opening your intuition and building confidence in connecting to your future baby and baby in spirit.

The intention of this beautiful journey is to support you in raising your vibration, open up your intuition further and build confidence, trust and love in your innate gifts to see, hear, sense and know your baby and the spirit baby realm are communicating with you. We will explore the question of why do you wish to communicate with the spirit baby realm and experience how to do so.

This class is for:

  • Women who are wishing to conceive and feel there is more to conception than a physical act
  • Women who wish to build a relationship with their baby before conception and after loss
  • Doulas and midwives who are wishing to support their clients on a deeper level
  • Women who are open to and wishing to connect with their intuitive gifts
  • Women who are open and intrigued to learn more about life before life and spirit baby communication
  • Women who are looking for support on their journey to motherhood

What will you learn:

  • What is spirit baby communication? What are the benefits and how to open your intuition to connect with your future baby or baby in spirit
  • You will know – Who is spirit baby? What do they have to share with you?  You will begin to tap into your intuition, understanding what is already there that you cannot yet see physically. Remember your truth of who you are
  • You will have: The opportunity to experience your intuition and connection with your spirit baby
  • You will receive: Insights into the spirit baby world, an exercise to practice beyond the class and journaling prompts to continue your exploration and connection with yourself and the spirit baby world
  • You will understand: The realm of spirit baby and life before life. The choices that both you and they made and are making. You will also begin to understand yourself and your gifts on a deeper level

Through this class you’ll begin to open up to the realm and possibility of life before life, further open your intuition and build confidence and trust in your gifts, yourself and your future baby or baby in spirit.


Debra Kilby is a spirit baby medium, conscious conception specialist, channel, healer and author of >Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother<. A Journey into the World of the Spirit baby and how we can build a New Earth, together.  Debra supports women on their journey to motherhood, whether they are wishing to, or struggling to conceive, have experienced baby loss or a traumatic birth.  Debra works alongside spirit babies to offer their perspective on situations for individuals and the collective as part of creating a New Earth.

Ultimately, helping their mums and all people, see themselves as they see them – love.


De les van Debra over communicatie met je spirit baby heeft diepe indruk op mij gemaakt. Wat een mooie ervaring! In de les vertelt Debra uitgebreid over hoe zij met spirit babies is gaan communiceren. Ze liet ons zien dat iedereen het in zich heeft om contact te leggen met je baby of kind. Toen ze ons in een meditatie verbinding liet maken met het zieltje dat bij ons aanwezig was, kon ik echt de liefde voelen. Dit was echt heel bijzonder om te ervaren, en gaf mij veel vertrouwen en inzicht. Echt een aanrader wanneer je zwanger bent of een kindje verloren hebt, en je op een liefdevolle manier een connectie met dit zieltje wilt maken. ~ Petra 

Debra is a warm and loving soul who immediately creates a field for all participants to step into. Whoever and wherever you are. I learned that communicating with spirit and spirit babies is available for everyone. This class will help you remember there is so much more than we can see, Debra will learn you  how to connect with that energy field. I can’t wait to dive deeper! ~ Madelon

De ‘Spirit baby communication’ sessie heb ik ervaren als heel bijzonder, in een warme en vertrouwde setting. De sessie heeft me laten voelen op welke manieren deze communicatie mogelijk is en heeft me meer vertrouwen gegeven in mijn intuïtie.’ ~ Ilse
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